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Anthony Sun in Chinese TV series ‘Chosen’


9 year-old Anthony Sun is set to star in Chosen, a Chinese adaptation of the American TV series of the same name.

The trilogy will follow the story line of Crackle’s American TV series where a family is drawn into a deadly assassination style game which ultimately brings them closer together. The series will be co-produced by Sony Pictures Television Playmakers Media and Chinese streaming platform iQIYI, a rare collaboration for the Chinese television industry. The action thriller is being filmed in Australia, with an international cast featuring some of China’s top actors, Lan Cheng-lung and Deng Jiajia and Australian actor Han Pengyi. Release of the TV series is set for spring 2017, with production having recently commenced.

Dou Lili, General Manager iQIYI informed “The Chinese trilogy Chosen will bring online audiences a new screening experience as if they were watching a premium American TV series, and will also surprise the viewers of the American original”