Emma Chelsey in ‘This is Not Mills and Boon’

BMEG’s Emma Chelsey will star in the leading role of Abigail in This is Not Mills and Boon.

The Buzz from Sydney summarises the production: “When Sol and Abigail meet and become involved, it is apparent that they have been raised very differently. Sol’s mother writes erotica, and he works alongside her, publishing, managing and promoting her work. Abigail also works alongside her father: they work by day in a nursery tending to his signature roses, and by night performing in a music group.

The two parents could not be more different. Sol’s mother is open about sex and nothing is taboo or off-limits for her, while Abigail’s father is an amiable man but emotionally distant and with no talent for intimacy. When the two families lives become entwined and their differences exposed, Abbey and Sol’s relationship looks doomed. Then Abbey starts reading the latest collection of erotic stories and she finds her sexuality starting to unfurl inside her, so she reaches out to Sol.”

The production runs May 23rd – June 3rd (Tuesday – Saturdaty, 8pm) at The Old 505 Theatre in Newtown. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit here.