Mason Phoumirath, Sri Sacdpraseuth & Monica Sayers in Sydney Theatre Company’s Australian Graffiti

BMEG Actors, Mason Phoumirath, Sri Sacdpraseuth and Monica Sayers star in the world debut of Australian Graffiti at Sydney Theatre Company. With BMEG’s Courtney Stewart  as Assistant Director in this production.

“This is the debut of a remarkable young Australian writer. Disapol Savetsila’s play is an investigation of the migrant experience from the inside out – a touching and humorous insight into identity and belonging.

A Thai family has uprooted its restaurant business one too many times. Being the only migrant household in a small country town turns out not to be a great idea. And when graffiti starts appearing, tensions quickly escalate. Should they go back to Sydney? Should they go back to Thailand? Or should they keep heading west?

After their brilliant turns in Chimerica, Gabrielle Chan and Monica Sayers return to STC as the powerful matriarchs of the family, with Kenneth Moraleda (Talk) and STC newcomers Mason Phoumirath and Srisacd Sacdpraseuth completing the family at the heart of this story. Joining them onstage are Airlie Dodds (The Bleeding Tree) and Peter Kowitz (Talk).

Developed by STC in partnership with Contemporary Asian Australian Performance and Playwriting Australia, Australian Graffiti is directed by Paige Rattray (Black is the New White), who has been part of the play’s evolution since its STC Rough Draft workshop in 2015.”- Taken from STC’s website

They have recently commenced rehearsals for the play opening 13th July. The season will run through until the 12 August at STC’s Warf 2 Theatre. Tickets available here