Indianna Gregg awarded ‘Best Young Actor’

Congratulations to BMEG’s Indianna Gregg who recently took home the title of ‘Best Young Actor’ at the First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles for her work in the film, The Ravens.

The Ravens is a unique and powerful 23-minutes film addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Told through the eyes of his young daughter, Ruby (played by Indianna), this story looks at the challenges facing returning service personnel coping with trauma and the effects on their families. It has a hopeful and positive ending.

The film has received a number of awards at  film festivals around the world. Indianna starred alongside Australian Actors, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor and Sarah Snook.

To keep updated on The Ravens screenings, click here or follow the film on facebook.


Kevin Clayette in Australian Feature Film ‘EMO The Musical’


Kevin Clayette is starring in Neil Triffets debut feature film EMO The Musical.

The film follows the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ style drama of story of young teen love in a modern setting. When Ethan starts at his new school, he joins emo band, The Worst Day Ever. Ethan pushes the boundaries of the bands rules when he pursues a secret relationship with Tiffany, leader of the school Christian Folk Group.

The cast includes Rahart Adams, Benson Jack Anthony,  Jordan Hare, Adam Zwar, Bridie Carter and Dylan Lewis.

EMO The Musical is currently screening at selected cinemas. To keep updated on cinema release and the full cast list, click here.

Erica Field in ‘The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls’


BMEG’s Erica field stars as Annie in The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls.

Once upon a time, in 2005, 20-year-old Annie is sent by her mother back to her native Russia to brush up on the language, and lose her American accent. Underneath an opulent, neon-lit, post-Soviet Moscow she discovers an enchanted motherland – teeming with evil stepmothers, wicked witches, and ravenous bears.”

The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls is written by Meg Miroshnik, directed by Elizabeth Millington, and features Erica Field, Cazz Bainbridge, Laila Thaker, Lucinda Barratt, Linda Cookson, Jessica Tanner, and Felicity Steel. Set design is by Nick Casey and Saran Jones (Associate), lighting design by Justin Hayes, costume design by Fiona Pitt and Isabel Kennedy (Supervisor), sound design by Mark French, compositions by Matthew Bolding, and photography by Scarr Photography. Please click here for more information about the production.

The season opens 19th May and runs through until the 27th May 2017 at Irene Mitchell Studio – 28 St Martins Pl, South Yarra. Tickets can be purchased here.


Anthony Sun in Chinese TV series ‘Chosen’


9 year-old Anthony Sun is set to star in Chosen, a Chinese adaptation of the American TV series of the same name.

The trilogy will follow the story line of Crackle’s American TV series where a family is drawn into a deadly assassination style game which ultimately brings them closer together. The series will be co-produced by Sony Pictures Television Playmakers Media and Chinese streaming platform iQIYI, a rare collaboration for the Chinese television industry. The action thriller is being filmed in Australia, with an international cast featuring some of China’s top actors, Lan Cheng-lung and Deng Jiajia and Australian actor Han Pengyi. Release of the TV series is set for spring 2017, with production having recently commenced.

Dou Lili, General Manager iQIYI informed “The Chinese trilogy Chosen will bring online audiences a new screening experience as if they were watching a premium American TV series, and will also surprise the viewers of the American original”

Merlynn Tong in Blue Bones at the Brisbane Powerhouse

The extremely talented Merlynn Tong will appear as performer and playwright of Blue Bones; a Playlab production presented in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse

“When a woman finds scars left by her ex-boyfriend of many years etched into her bones, she begins a turbulent journey to unpack her past and discover how he got under her skin.

Based on the true story of two teenagers’ romance as it blossoms then warps in the heat of bustling Singapore, Blue Bones is a one-woman show told with incredible honesty by Merlynn Tong.  With multiple characters, song and arcade dance games, Blue Bones is a whirlwind of love and sex, violence and courage, with the wreckage continuing to be felt across the years.

Against the backdrop of Singapore with all its beauty, rigidity and insistent chaos, Blue Bones will enchant and disturb, and perhaps even wake the stories dormant in your bones.”

Blue Bones will be performed at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 4-13 May, 2017 for more information, or to purchase tickets, click here

Will Rush to star in Easybeats Miniseries

Announced earlier this year by the NSW Government, the ABC miniseries starring BMEG’s Will Rush as George Young, follows the journey of Australian rock group The Easybeats. 

According to The MusicThe Easybeats will chart the band’s journey from immigrant unknowns to internationally celebrated hit-makers. Although they were only together for five years — from 1964 to 1969 — they left an undeniable mark on Australian music history, helping to usher in a new era of blossoming counterculture and earning antipodean comparisons to the likes of The Beatles by becoming the first Australian band to generate an international hit.”

“Interwoven with a killer soundtrack, this two-part mini-series touches on themes of celebrity, damnation and redemption. It was a wild ride being rock stars in the swinging ’60s. And in their pursuit of success the members of the band each struggled with their own sense of self and the loss of identity that comes with overwhelming fame. But in the end they came to understand that, though they were all from different countries, the sum of the musical parts was quintessentially Australian,” explains the ABC.

An airdate has yet to be announced for this production – but you can read more about The Easybeats here.

Bjorn Stewart in Chasing Comets

BMEG’s Bjorn Stewart will star in Chasing Comets – a film written and produced by former Australian rugby league player Jason Stevens.

According to Stevens, Chasing Comets is a “comedy drama touching on the battlelines between Australian rules and rugby league.” Filmed in Wagga Wagga, Bjorn will star alongside Isabel Lucas, Dan Ewing, Havana Brown and former footballers Brendan Fevola and Beau Ryan.

Chasing Comets is expected to hit cinemas in Spring. To follow the film’s progress, visit its Facebook – or read more here.

Stef Dawson in Painted Woman

BMEG’s Stef Dawson is starring in Painted Woman (Formerly titled The Mustanger and The Lady) – a western romance directed by James Cotton.

The Oklahoman explains that Painted Woman “is a western romance about Julie (Stef Dawson), a young woman who finds the courage to escape her captive lifestyle after being held against her will and forcefully engaged in prostitution in a violent saloon. Travelling through the dangerous landscape of the American West, she encounters Vince Wagner, a mustanger enjoying a carefree life. With her past trying to catch up with her in the form of Frank Dean, a mercenary, Julie realizes that crossing the desert alone is not an option, and she must enlist the help of the mustanger. In the end, Julie must find that her survival lies in the acceptance of her past and that the love she gains along the way can provide inspiration for her future.”

See Stef and the rest of the cast in the trailer below.

Painted Woman is set to release soon – to learn more about the film, visit its website. 

Bianca Zouppas in 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

BMEG’s Bianca Zouppas starred as Dale Prist in 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche. Her performance has been met with rave reviews – including this one from Marina Carvin for Scoop. 

“Stand out performances were Pig-tailed Dale Prist (Bianca Zouppas) whose powerful monologue had us belly laughing one minute and crying the next.”

“Set against a background of mid 50’s America where fear of communism and impending nuclear attack was a reality, the play highlights sexual repression as a fact of life for these five widows (or are they?) Regardless of what happens on the outside the sisters are safe in the in their refurbished society’s rooms – now doubling as a fallout shelter! As long as the quiches are safe, all will be good.

Though the shrillness of high pitched voices, shouting in unison, made it difficult to hear at times, this highly skilled ensemble cast of women was impressive in their ability to sustain characters and fully engage us in a highly entertaining night of interactive theatre. Directed by Nathanael Cooper, this play is a very cleverly staged with a simple but creatively manipulated set.”

To read the full article, click here. 

Congratulations to BMEG’s Candy Bowers

Two productions starring BMEG actress Candy Bowers have won 2016 Green Room Awards.

Hot Brown Honey – Production in Cabaret
Hot Brown Honey has been praised by Arts Review for its combination of dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song. In the play, “the Honeys bring their own brand of fierceness, delicious expressions of sexuality, thought-provoking commentary and absolute hilarity to the table, shattering preconceptions in an explosion of colour, culture and controversy.”

Candy Bowers and Genevieve Giuffre in Lilith: The Jungle Girl

Lilith: The Jungle Girl – Set Costume and Design
Victoria Beal writes for Broadway World Australia:  “Lilith: The Jungle Girl comments on a myriad of relevant social issues including the history of female “hysteria”, identity and belonging, refugees and displacement, and more broadly, dominant majorities and figures trying to turn “different” people into someone or something more palatable.” To read the full article, click here. 

To see the full list of Green Room Award winners, click here.