Sebastian Robinson in ‘The Ham Funeral’

BMEG’s Sebastian Robinson will star in The Ham Funeral, produced by Siren Theatre Co & Griffin Independent at SBW Stables Theatre.

“In a gothic inner-city boarding house, a naïve young poet is drawn into the fetid world of the basement-dwelling landlord and his wife, the hauntingly grotesque Mr and Mrs Lusty. When her husband drops dead suddenly, Mrs Lusty announces a lavish funeral feast in his honour. Driven by her relentless appetite, she attempts to seduce the poet, drawing him into a dangerous sexual game with comically tragic consequences.

Written in 1948 by Australia’s only Nobel Laureate for Literature, Patrick White, The Ham Funeral is one of the most intriguingly original plays in Australian theatre history. Part vaudeville, part lyric poem, and part gothic drama, it is an unnervingly dark and vulgar investigation of the human condition.”

The Ham Funeral opens on the 19th May at the SBW Stables Theatre on Nimrod Street, Kings Cross. For more information, or to book tickets click here.