Katie Beckett


Katie has a natural true-blue Aussie sound enhanced by an energetic and youthful vocal quality. Katie has recently voiced the characters of Jacko & George in the SBS series “Little J Big Cuz” and was engaged to narrate the audiobook “Spirit of The Ghan”. Listen to an excerpt on her reel.

Caitlin Burley


 Cait has an engaging, natural sound that is highly versatile. From high-octane commercial reads, to conversational girl-on-the-street, to sincere and sensitive, mature reads, Cait takes direction easily and offers a sophisticated interpretation to every script she voices.

Accents: Australian, American 

Emma Chelsey


Emma studied singing and voice and has a particular flair for accents.
She has been a voice-over artist in the corporate world for the past few years and has a lovely, crisp tone suitable for both corporate and commercial applications.

Eleanor Stankiewicz


Eleanor is an actress and voice artist with total command over a rich and engaging instrument. She is noted for her ability to recognize the nuance in every script and the technical mastery to bring it to life. From retail to soft sell to corporate, Eleanor’s vocal virtuosity will not disappoint. “… Beautiful as an actress, blessed with an exceptional voice” – Samela Harris, THE BAREFOOT REVIEW

Natalia Ladyko


From playful to motherly, and smooth like melted chocolate, Natalia has a feminine voice that can hold a lot of power.
Accents: Australian (Native), American, Russian, British.

Monica Sayers


Monica is an extraordinary vocal chameleon capable of commercial reads that range from earthy and sincere to sexy and smooth – perfect for retail, PSA’s and corporate narration. But it is her character voices that will blow you away. With an extensive repertoire from children to old ladies, Singaporean singles to Chinese grandmothers, Monica can create unique and memorable characters to enrich any story.

Commercial reel

Character reel

Sassy Soupidis


Sassy is a warm and friendly girl who exudes enthusiasm and this is reflected in a sound that is bright and bubbly and a fresh and youthful delivery.

Megan Shapcott


Home Studio Available

Megan has won 4 Goldie Awards and has been a major player in the voice industry for almost 20 years. With her versatility, professionalism and wide range of experience, Megan is considered one of Australia’s most sort after voices.

Christine Amor

Gold Coast

Christine brings her extensive acting experience to her voice work and will lift the words from the page. Christine’s voice is warm, mature and confident, her articulation crisp, and she delivers dialects and accents with ease.

Belinda Raisin


Belinda Raisin has a sincere, natural and accessible voice making ‘real person’ reads (like mum, girlfriend and the girl-next-door) her specialty. She can also deliver vibrant and energetic retail reads and LOVES doing character and animation voices!

Bernadette Meenach


Bernadette Meenach has an empathetic voice that can convey maturity, sensuality and playfulness. Over the past decade she has built a repertoire of vocal characterizations that demonstrate her range and flexibility.

Julia Johnson Commercial Reel

Julia Johnson 


Julia’s voice has all the feminine strength and persuasion of her classical experience; with the warmth of a mum she is smooth, resonant and articulate combined with a wicked sense of humour and a range of character voices from her work with children.

Rebecca Grennan


Rebecca Grennan has a vibrant, energetic and engaging voice.  She has a natural, ‘real person’ feel, that can convey both youthful excitement as well as mature sincerity, making her perfect for fresh “girlfriend” reads to sincere “mum” reads.

Astin Blaik


Has had years of voice over experience as an actor and singer.
She is bright, fresh and up beat. Austin finds the right voice, tone and energy for your campaign.

Amy Ingram


Amy is a versatile voice actor from bright and bubbly to warm and sincere. No matter what the style there is a sincerity and a connection to the material. If you require a sound that makes people feel at ease, comfortable and at home then Amy can bring a genuine interpretation of what you need.

Eva McGillivray


Eva is an engaging voice artist. Her vocal age range is particularly wide with a great depth of tonal quality enabling her to be completely versatile. Eva brings an intelligent, sensitive and engaging interpretation of script with a smooth and warm vocal quality and will deliver compelling wide ranging character styles. Eva’s range of accents from Cockney, Estuary, RP, Scottish, Irish, Southern American, General American to her soft Australian tones make her very adaptable. Silver Tongued Productions call her ‘one take Eva’.

Chloe Guy


Biographical notes coming soon..

Emily Joy


Emily’s voice is warm and enthusiastic. From sweet, girl-next-door vibes, to sophisticated, formal reads, Emily will intuitively and wholeheartedly bring your campaign to life. Extensive experience coupled with her ease in a range of accents and speaking modes, makes Emily delighted to lift your words off the page”

Belinda Hanne Reid


Belinda Hanne Reid is a voice artist with an accessible sound and versatile range. She is an accomplished character and cabaret performer, and has extensive singing as well as speaking talents.

Anna Rodway


Anna has often been told she has a “laugh in her voice”. A hint of cheekiness, to warm, to sensual, she can find the perfect energy and personality to bring your words to life.

Tammy Weller


Tammy delivers warm and friendly to bubbly and energetic. She takes direction easily and brings a unique interpretation to every script.