David Adlam


David has a knack for impressions and accents, and an ability to take on any number of characters. His comic timing and improvisation skills are strong assets for voice-over.

Michael Beckley


Michael Beckley has a deep, masculine yet friendly tone that lends itself to products or projects that need authority plus warmth and likeability. Be it Wagga or London – and several places in between – Michael can give you an authentic accent.He has worked in both Australia and the U.K as a voice actor (ABC Radio, BBC Radio 4), and voiced several radio ads in his early career.

James Buckingham


James’s voice is unique and ear catching. He has honed his vocal talent through years working as an actor and and voice over artist, specializing in youthful voices and character work. He has voiced characters in animations, commercials and television programs on ABC, Nine, Seven, GO! and more

Sam Feeney


Samuel Feeney has a warm and engaging voice that can convey both corporate educated and youthful energetic characters. Over the last decade he has developed a vast repertoire of characters and accents, increasing his range to offer a wide variety for clients. Particularly his previous work on the animation ‘The Sandman’ and narrating ‘The series of unfortunate events’. 

Nick Gell


Nick’s voice is warm and resonant, assured and intelligent. Nick is an international actor and voice-over artist with over seven years experience in the industry in both the UK and the states as well as Australia. He has a particular love for character voices in children’s shows, video games and other animated content, as well as hitting the sweet spot for commercial and corporate voice-over.

Noel Hodda


Noel has a uniquely adaptable voice, honed by over thirty years as an in-demand narrator of talking books for Vision Australia and elsewhere alongside numerous advertisements, enabling him to confidently move from straight reads to all sorts of character voicings and everything in between. He has extensive experience in commercial and corporate voice-over and even made the Tax Pack engaging!


Dash Kruck


Dash Kruck has a unique and engaging voice. He is sought after for his strong vocal characterisation and has a vast range, from youthful exuberance to a natural corporate sound. Dash has voiced characters for video games, animations, advertisements and long running kids television shows. Dash’s previous clients include the Seven Network, Beyond, the Queensland Government and various commercial retailers.

Paul Pavlakis


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His versatility and ability to quickly adapt to direction lets him tackle loads of different styles. His natural delivery, combined with the quick wit to improvise and ad-lib when required mean the final product always sounds authentic and real. Paul’s voice is  natural warm, sincere and relaxed velvety quality, but full of energy and youth depending on your requirements.

John Samaha


John Samaha has a lovely jazz and crooners voice when he sings , he has been doing voice overs for over 30 years , many of those years were in USA and Canada and because John is a polyglot he has mastered many accents and recorded multiple voice for the one production both in animation such as Alex Proyas Mystery Clock and straight reads for Master card and Westpac Bank and endless commercials corporate videos and training films , If you need a solid go to character voice John Samaha is your guy.

Joel Spreadborough 


Joel has a diverse and experienced voice that can deliver a vast array of colourful characters, accents as well as infectious commercial energy and variety. His comic timing, delivery and mimicry is highly advanced from considerable experience as a professional actor, touring comedian and function host.


Glen Hancox


Glen has an energetic voice that projects friendliness and fun. This lends itself to fast paced voice overs such as retail sales and also animation. As an experienced actor Glen is adaptable and can take on a range of characters, tones and moods. At the core of all of his reads is realness and he comes across as genuine and warm.

Brian Bolton


Brian’s authoritative and wide-ranging voice talents have been used by Media Watch, in a career as an ABC radio announcer-interviewer, and on Four Corners as a Russian-accented mobster.Equally at home as the everyman or the polished politician, he brings both gravitas and playfulness, and has voiced radio and TV spots ranging from a thunderous preview for a kick-boxing tournament to reassuring voiceovers for Suncorp insurance. Dialects are a specialty and Brian also speaks Spanish.

John Sterling Carter


John’s deep baritone, soothing American voice is authoritative yet friendly and warm.  When gravitas is needed to set the seriousness of a problem and a reassuring voice of authority for the solid solution, John’s is the voice that will standout. Polish and confidence bred from an impressive list of U.S. TV and film credits.

Michael Croaker


Michael has a warm tone and ability to deliver a number of vocal styles. He is a seasoned voice actor with experience across both cinema, radio and TV content as well as live Character Suit productions.

Jason McKell


Jason has a diverse and engaging voice that is able to portray a vast array of styles, characters, accents and moods. As an experienced actor, Jason is equally suited for high energy sales commercials, corporate and government training videos and regional working-class characters. His natural delivery, combined with his masculine yet friendly tone, ensures the final product always sounds genuine and authentic.

Daniel Simpson


Biographical notes coming soon.