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Australian Graffiti: Reviewed

Sydney Theatre Company’s Australian Graffiti starring BMEG Actors: Mason Phoumirath, Monica Sayers and Sri Sacdpraseuth is currently on at the Warf 2 theatre until 12 August. Since opening two weeks ago, the play has received some wonderful reviews.

“This play, set in a Thai restaurant in a small Australian town, ­explores the tensions that arise ­between the Thai characters and the locals when mysterious graffiti appears, in Thai, on the walls of their much-loved Baptist church.

The central character is 16-year-old Ben (played by Mason Phoumirath), who is interested in a local girl but whose relationship with her sours when she discovers the graffiti. He is drawn back into the company of his family and co-workers when the townsfolk ­besiege their restaurant.”


“There are good performances by Mason Phoumirath, who is very affecting as Ben; … Monica Sayers as conflicted workers; and by Sri Sacdpraseuth as the dead chef.”

– The Australian

“Mason Phoumirath carries the play very effectively as Ben and is excellent when he takes his first steps towards rebelling against his mother”

 Daily Review

“After their brilliant turns in Chimerica,… Monica Sayers return to Sydney Theatre Company (STC) as the powerful matriarchs of the family”

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Featured Image courtesy of The Australian