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This Fella, My Memory

Katherine Beckett stars in This Fella, My Memory, the latest new work produced by Moogahlin Performing Arts with cultural consultants Aboriginal Elders Aunty Christine Blakeney and Uncle Max (Dulumunmun) Harrison. This brand new work celebrates the lives of three older women and their tenuous relationships with their friends, family and each other; ultimately leading to an enduring connection to people and country despite the odds.

Take a road trip across Aboriginal NSW where the boundaries, kinships and songlines are invisible to the eye, but felt deep within. This Fella, My Memory draws upon these rich and deep connections to people and place.

Featuring Elaine Crombie, Linden Wilkinson, Lily Shearer, Matt Edgerton, Rosealee Pearson, Katherine Beckett, Guy Simon and directed by Frederick Copperwaite.

POST SHOW TALK – Friday 6th September with director Frederick Copperwaite and cast.



BMEG welcomes Richard Green

BMEG is delighted to announce that we are now representing the irrepressible Richard Green. Richard is best known for his many roles in iconic Australian films including “Praise”, “Jew Boy”, “Little Fish”, “Boxing Day”, “Snowtown” and “The Confessions of Alexander Pearce”. He will soon be seen on our TV screens in “Redfern Now” and is currently filming the role of Knuckles in “The Gods of Wheat Street”. Next year he will appear opposite Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in “The Rover”.