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Jessica Loudon in world premiere of ‘VICE’, A new play by MELVYN MORROW


Jess Loudon will be in “VICE”, at the King Street Theatre in Newtown.

EMU PRODUCTIONS presents the world premiere of VICE, A new play by MELVYN MORROW.

21 April – 9 May 2015

Tickets: Concession $ 30 Adult $ 35 Preview $ 25


In the shameful and criminal tragedy of sexual assault in Catholic schools, VICE provides a disturbing footnote, throwing new darkness on the maze of motivations swirling around the underworld of staff and students. Every school is a complex and unique human network: inspiring, dangerous, eccentric, funny, political, toxic and frequently like something out of a play or movie.

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Set in an exclusive Catholic boys’ school rocked by accusations of sexual abuse, a new play, Vice, is an investigation into the “blurring of borders”, playwright Melvyn Morrow says.

“It’s a frightful, delicate and tragically topical subject and when you read about these things happening, everybody feels like they are an expert on the subject because they went to school as well,” Morrow explains. “I thought it would be interesting to show what life is like in a school and how teachers deal with moments when they are, for one reason or another, compromised.” – Read the Full Article