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Adam Kay

Adam Kay is a playwright, director, and an actor. He is the founder and currently the Artistic Director of Dreaming Child Productions. Some of his playwriting credits include The Cave (Lounge at Roy Arias Stages, New York, Off Broadway), Hiding Behind (Dreaming Child Productions, Queensland Multicultural Centre), 1+1 (Dreaming Child Productions, Ron Hurley Theatre) and Nocturnal Vision (Dreaming Child Productions). Adam was a writer in the 2022 Assembly (La Boite).

Adam believes that theatre is a powerful medium that can offer a unique and transformative experience. Living in the 21st-century, we are constantly bombarded with entertainment, content, and stimulus. We hold the power to be entertained in the palm of our hand, which raises a serious question: why would anyone take the time and effort to leave the comfort of home and pay for a ticket to see a theatre show? Adam believes that theatre needs to offer a different and deeper psychological experience layered with stimulus which would be impossible to get when experiencing any other art form. Adam describes his practice as a search for the new contemporary.

Some of his performances include Queensland Theatre: First Casualty, The Laramie Project; Core ensemble member of the Israeli National Theatre: Ghetto, Punk Rock; Dreaming Child Productions: Hiding Behind, 1+1.